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Welcome to the World Expo of Beer®. The expo is a fund-raising event brought to you by the Frankenmuth Jaycees and is held every year in Frankenmuth, MI. This is Michigan's largest beer sampling event, with nearly 300 different beers available from around the world.


The World Expo of Beer will be held rain or shine.


  • Event runs Friday May 20th from 5-10PM and Saturday May 21th from 3-10PM

  • $10 admission includes a free collector beer sampling mug - sample tickets sold seperately

  • World Expo of Beer® is located in Frankenmuth's Heritage Park

  • Proceeds made will be donated to charitable causes

  • This is a beer sampling event and therefore we only admit guests that are 21 and older


Come check out the Frankenmuth Jaycees souvenir table this year as we will be selling many exciting souvenirs from the event or gifts for friends and family! Some popular items that we will be selling will be our World Expo of Beer 2016 short sleeved and long sleeved t-shirts. We will also be selling other t-shirts that have a funny logo or phrase on them along with the breweries at the event listed on the back of the tee. We also will be selling: bottle openers, souvenir mugs and much more! Please stop by our table and support the Frankenmuth Jaycees!

Contact us at (888) 805-1504 | WORLD EXPO OF BEER © 2010-2015