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2016 Admission Packages for World Expo of Beer

If you have been to the World Expo of Beer before you know all you want to do is get in the venue and start tasting beer, waiting in a long admission line is the last thing you want to do. We are trying to eliminate that wait time by offering online packages. In that package you will receive a "Fast Pass" admission good for entrance to the Pre-Admission line that is much shorter than the general admission lines. You will also receive your pre-ordered beer tickets at the admission booth eliminating the need to stand in the beer ticket line once you get into the event. Please note that the admission passes included in the packages below are good for one day only. If you are planning on attending the event both days, two admission passes per person will be required.

All Sales are Final

Your package should arrive in approximately 7 to 10 business days.

Please contact our Admissions, admissions@worldexpoofbeer.com if you have any questions

Package 1
    1 Admission pass (good for one day only) and 8 beer tickets for $18.00 ($2 savings)

Package 2
    2 Admission passes (good for one day only) and 16 beer tickets for $36.00 ($4 savings)

Package 3
    4 Admission passes (good for one day only) and 32 beer tickets for $72.00 ($8 savings)

Package 4
    10 Admission passes (good for one day) and 120 beer tickets for $230.00 ($20 savings)

Extra Beer Tickets Package
    16 Tickets for $20
(Does not include admission and only can be purchased in addition to one of the above packages.)

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