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Get Schooled at the W.E.B!

In 2015, the World Expo of Beer is offering two unique learning opportunities for discriminating beer connoisseurs! Each course offers special opportunities for learning, food, and fellowship between brewers and tasters. Your chosen course price includes W.E.B. admission ($10), instruction, food, and beer. There is limited seating for both offerings - so register early! 

Registration:  http://www.worldexpoofbeer.com/expo/index.php/beertickets   


Fine Food and Craft Brew Pairing:

Friday, May 15th - 6:00 PM 
Cost: $55

Enjoy opening night of the World Expo of Beer with a meal presented by the pinnacle of Frankenmuth fine dining - The Bavarian Inn Lodge. Each course of this fine meal will be created by executive chef, Jason Wellnitz, and paired with a delicious craft brew. This event is now full, tickets are no longer being sold.


Course 1: 

Citrus Salad: Bitter Greens, Radicchio, Butter Head, Romaine lettuces, Manchego cheese, toasted pine nuts, citrus supremes, three citrus honey vinaigrette spheres

Paired with a grapefruit-infused ale


Course 2: 

Chicken Sateh with spicy peanut foam

Pairing to be announced


Course 3:

Belgian Quad 72 hour braised beef short rib, jerk caramelized plantain, fennel slaw 

Paired with a Belgian-style Quadruple ale


Course 4: 

Chilled melon and apple soup with cream fraiche and toasted walnuts 

Paired with a dry-hopped hard cider


Course 5:

Tiramisu: Mascarpone custard, espresso lady fingers, cocoa, caramel beer powder 

Paired with a coffee ale



This unique dining opportunity will be held on-site and our experts will lead diners through a multi-course meal explaining the nuances of each course’s pairing. Don't miss this opportunity to experience Michigan's finest craft brews served with mouthwatering foods. 

Event is subject to change. 


Beer Cocktails and Mixology:

Saturday, May 16th - 4:00PM
Cost: $40 

During this course you will experience a selection of craft brews mixed with liquors and other splendid ingredients to produce spirited twists on your old favorites! Our knowledgeable instructor will educate you on the particulars of mixing, pouring and creating your own signature beer cocktails. After the presentation, our mixologist will open the floor for questions and conversation regarding the art of entertaining and mixing beer-based cocktails. An exquisite selection of appetizers will also be paired and served with our creations to round out this one of a kind experience. This fun and lively course will offer a unique tasting opportunity completely unavailable from the open floor of the World Expo event, so reserve your seat early! 

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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