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Beards Brewery - (231) 753-2221

Here at Beards we embrace quality and balance in all of our practices where it all started with brewing beer. We extend that belief to all things craft—whether it’s music, food, or art—we are always open and enthusiastic to new collaborations and opportunities.

We embrace our community here in NoMi and participate in authentic causes that not only offer us the opportunity to grow as a company, but also allow us to help.

It’s still early in our story, but armed with a great team and community support, we are off to a fantastic and adventurous start. At Beards we work hard at offering you a genuine up north experience, focusing on quality, creativity, and community. Stop in to check out our beautiful views, and enjoy a pint or two, and food!

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Green Hundo
Copperstar Galactica Fruit IPA
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