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North Peak Brewing Company

North Peak Brewing Company - (231) 941-7325

No matter where our beer is brewed or distributed one thing will never change, the heart and roots of North Peak will always be in Northern Michigan. North Peak’s Traverse City origin and the Up North culture are the focus behind our brand. We embrace the lifestyle of slowing down and focusing on the beauty of this magical place we call ‘home’. Each sip of our beer transports you to the wonders of Northern Michigan. The North Peak mantra is “Get Outside”, because in Northern Michigan there is so much life to live outdoors. Whether it be biking, fishing, ice hockey, hiking or hunting, North Peak embodies the Up North way of life.

In line with North Peak’s dedication to the outdoors is our dedication to conservation, we brew by a simple philosophy: give back to the environment and Mother Nature will be very good to you.

It’s a simple approach — both environmentally and economically. By taking these steps, we can recapture as much heat, use as scant raw materials and waste as little as possible

All beer hunters know that conservation just makes sense. And keeps the beer flowing as abundantly as possible.

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