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What has changed for 2021???

**** All details related to our 2021 event can be found here ****

Quite a bit has changed due to COVID restrictions and guidelines. Please check back as we will update that page with more information as it becomes available!

Why are tickets so expensive for 2021???

**** We are accustomed to having 10,000-12,000 total attendees on any given WEB weekend and with crowd capacity restrictions in place we must scale that down to 3,500 total (split across 4 sessions) ****

Even with the reduced attendees, our cost of business has not gone down due to fixed costs like tent and pavilion rental fees. As a reminder, we are a non-profit and any raised proceeds are donated back to local and state charitable causes. You are drinking for charity!

What if it rains on WEB day???

**** The World Expo of Beer will be held RAIN OR SHINE! ****

The majority of our event is held within the Harvey Kern Pavilion or under large tents so you should stay (mostly) dry!

We do suggest wearing tennis shoes or boots if it is raining because the tent area can become quite muddy.

Will there be shuttle buses?

Yes, we typically have free shuttle buses to and from the hotels in
Frankenmuth and Birch Run. See the "Transportation and Hotels" Page for more information!

Can I bring my....

Dog - NO! (with the exception of service animals only).
Baby/kids/Stroller- NO! NO! and NO!
Backpack - NO!
Camera - YES!
Wheelchair - YES!

I bought a ticket online - what does that get me?

You will receive an email with a QR code ticket. You ticket will be tied to a specific session and can only be redeemed during that session. Our 2021 tickets also include a souvenir mug and 6 sample tickets!

What if I lose my ticket?

You can email tickets@worldexpoofbeer.com and request that your ticket be resent to you. Email requests for lost tickets will not be processed on the Friday and Saturday of the event, see admissions staff for help during the event. Be careful with printed paper tickets!!! WEB is not responsible for stolen QR code tickets.

How do I bring my QR code ticket to WEB?
Any clear and scannable form of the QR Code ticket will be accepted. You can bring your code on paper or display it on your mobile device for presentation at admission.

Do you sell Souvenirs?

We will be selling awesome souvenirs from the event as well as great gifts for your friends and family! Some popular items that we will be selling include our 2021 World Expo of BeerĀ® short and long sleeved t-shirts that have the participating breweries listed on the back and much more! All proceeds are donated to charity!!

I have a question about my WEB Tickets purchase....

If you have any questions about your WEB Tickets purchase, please email: tickets@worldexpoofbeer.com

I have another question that isn't listed....

We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have, please contact us at admin@worldexpoofbeer.com and we will try to help you as best as possible!

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