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Odd Brothers Craft Cider



Odd Brothers Craft Cider is a craft cider company offering hard ciders that are just as unique and odd as we are. Born of two brothers, as different as we are similar, on a constant search for ciders that inspire us. From arguments to experiments, we strive to find the perfect blends of yeast, sweetness, and inventive flavors; all of which combine to make ciders anyone and everyone can love. We offer an array of flavors and styles that range from sweet to dry and from complex to simple. Our ciders go beyond the norm. Venture out from the beer and wine and give our craft hard ciders a try.

To us, crafting cider is an art. As such, we are trying to support other local artists by commissioning works to go along with each of our ciders. It is important to us to invest in our local communities and offer a platform to others as we grow. If we do everything right, you should feel inspired when you crack open one of our ciders – and satisfied after you drink it!

We will keep you updated on all the artists we meet along our journey.

Be you. Be Odd.

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